NEW SPECIAL MENU (please call to inquire availability and pricing)

Delight of Two* 

Sautéed of chicken & shrimps, onions, pineapples, bell peppers, water chestnuts, scallions in hot sweet and sour sauce.

Lemon Grass Chicken*

BBQ slice chicken breast marinated in lemon grass pepper sauce on the sautéed of assorted vegetables topped with crispy basil leaves.

Larb Kai* (E-sarn with sticky rice)

Browned ground chicken mixed with basil and red onions dressed with lime juice, cilantro, ground red chi/is and roasted rice powder. With spicy, crunchy and light, but rich in flavors and contrasts.

Chicken Papaya

Grilled marinated chicken, on the side of Green papaya Salad,

topped with grounded peanut and cashew nuts.

Garlic Salmon

Grilled salmon topped with garlic sauce and crispy basil leaves come with steamed assorted veggies.

Mixed Grilled

Grilled Salmon, Jumbo Shrimps, Scallops topped with teriyaki sauce served with fresh house salad.

Scallop Eggplant

Scallops, Chinese eggplants, onions, basil leaves, sauté in garlic-soybean sauce.

Pan Seared Salmon

Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables topped with seaweed salad and Lemon Garlic sauce.

Rack of Lamb*

Grilled rack of lamb, topped with special garlic Panang curry sauce and butter garlic broccolis.

Capricorn Shrimp

Grilled marinated Jumbo shrimps come with Thai style green papaya salad.

Chef’s Crispy Duck

Crispy fried half boneless roasted duck, topped with house special sauce and steamed assorted vegetables.

Tamarind Duck

Half boneless roasted duck topped with sautéed snow peas, gingers, baby corns, scallions and bell peppers in a delicious home made tamarind sauce.